In the late 18th century, in the small village of Olney, Buckinghamshire, a faithful pastor, John Newton, began to write simple yet profound lyrics for his parishioners. The most famous of Newton's contributions was, of course, Amazing Grace. Some of the lesser known lyrics which flowed from Newton’s pen have now been set to new music by Todd Murray, pastor of Family Ministries at Grace Immanuel Bible Church.

"Through the written page, Newton has become both a mentor and a friend. I have been spiritually helped not only by his hymns, but also by his powerful sermons and tender letters of spiritual counsel as well from this often over-looked man of God. I pray that you will be as deeply comforted and challenged by Newton’s thoughts as I have been!"Todd Murray signature

Beyond Amazing Grace CD

Newton Quote of the Day:

"I humbly trust in his mercy and promises, that he will be my guide and guard to the end."

Taken from "An Authentic Narrative of Some Remarkable Particulars in the Life of ******" Letter 9-10

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Beyond Amazing Grace - The Book

In addition to Beyond Amazing Grace: The Forgotten Hymns of John Newton, Todd has authored a book entitled Beyond Amazing Grace: Timeless, Pastoral Wisdom from the letters, sermons and hymns of John Newton. In compiling this selection from Newton's writings, Todd has made Newton’s gentle pastoral wisdom available to a new generation of readers. Read what others are saying about Todd's new book.
Beyond Amazing Grace Book